One Of Obama’s Final Acts As President Will Make Donald Trump Furious


It seems that outgoing President Barack Obama is plotting on using his final days in power to annoy President-elect Trump before he parks his bright orange bottom in the Oval Office this January.

Yes, in its dying days the Obama administration has reportedly submitted 98 final executive actions – which cover a number of key issues including education, pollution and Obamacare – in an attempt to cement their legacy.

Of course Republican congressional leaders have decided this is a bit of a dick move on Obama’s part and sent a scathing letter to Obama asking him to rethink his plans, the i100 reports.


It said: 

We write to caution you against finalising pending rules or regulations in the Administration’s last days… should you ignore this counsel, please be aware that we will work with our colleagues to ensure that Congress scrutinises your actions – and, if appropriate, overturns them.

It’s suspected that many of Obama’s orders will be in direct opposition to Trump’s plans.

Trump’s already spoken about his plans to repeal Obamacare completely, and there are fears that his administration are also planning on pulling out of the Paris Climate Treaty (which seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions) and to removing legislation that regulates oil, gas and coal production.


The reason why this is a poke in the eye for Mr Trump is that repealing Federal Regulations will take a long time and force his administration to wade through a mire of red tape before he can implement any of his own plans for the country.

While many media outlets are calling these regulations ‘last minute’ the Indy100 reports that regulations introduced during the presidential transition period tend to be more heavily scrutinised than other laws.

Of course, come January 20, Trump can use his own presidential powers to overturn any of Obama’s executive orders but that’s going to take time – and the last thing the new president is going to want is to get stuck in the swamp of Obama’s previous administration.