One Of The Weirdest And Easiest Goals You’ll See All Season – On Week One!



This weekend saw the return of the football season, and in the first game of the season, is this the oddest, and easiest goal we are going to see all season?

Doncaster Rovers were playing against Bury in the opening game of League One, When went 1-0 up late in the game.

Except it was an accidental goal.

Bury had put the ball out of play so that an injured player could receive treatment. As is commonplace, Doncaster took the throw in, and knocked the ball back to the Bury keeper. Only Doncaster’s Harry Forrester hit the ball a bit hard, and the ball ended up in the goal.

He apologised immediately, and there were a few words exchanged, before Bury kicked off again in injury time.

In one of the slowest runs in football history, Leon Clarke tears through the Doncaster players, sort of, before beating the keeper and putting the ball into the empty net.

Paul Dickov, Doncaster’s manager, said:

I didn’t really think twice about allowing them to equalise. It just wouldn’t have been right for us to take three points in the circumstances.

It was just an unfortunate ending to the game. Harry Forrester hit the ball too sweet and I was just hoping it wouldn’t go in.

When it did we just had to allow them to score because you can’t win a game like that.

Fair play to all the lads involved in this. A great sporting gesture, and pretty funny viewing to start the season off!