One Seat In Scotland Has Proved Why Every Vote Matters


‘But my vote doesn’t matter’. How often do we hear that phrase?

Jesus, I’ve even said it myself on some occassions – but then again with Halton’s Labour demolition job last night, I guess it didn’t to some extent…

However, in a handful of constituencies the winning candidate doesn’t storm home with thousands of extra votes. Sometimes it’s just hundreds, other times it’s in the tens, and occasionally – there’s Fife North East.


As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, the biggest story of the morning is that the Tories failed to gain a majority government – a majority government which was seemingly inevitable since Theresa May called the snap election back in April.

However if her party’s perpetual shit-show, which went from bad to worse as the hours ticked on, wasn’t the biggest story of the day then Fife North East’s vote count was.

How so? Because the SNP were able to hold onto the seat by just a two vote majority. TWO!


Liberal Democrats scored 13,741 votes and the SNP picked up 13,743 meaning that SNP MP, Stephen Gethins, quite clearly has God on his side.

All jokes aside – stories like that of Fife North East simply serve to remind us all of one thing. Every vote matters. Your vote matters.

And in the blurry aftermath of this bizarre election where little is certain – remember that the next time you are given the opportunity to vote (and it could be sooner than you think), do it.

Your voice can always make a difference.