One Student Commutes From POLAND All The Way To His London University To Save Cash

by : UNILAD on : 27 Sep 2015 17:50

Jonathan Davey moved to Poland to attend university. That sounds pretty reasonable right?

Well not when you then learn he actually attends the University of London – and decided to move to Gdansk to save on accommodation costs.


The 23-year-old said that his saving money solution is a bit mad, but that it works for him, and given everyone knows just how expensive the standard of living is in England’s capital, you can sort of understand it. Sort of.


After spending hours doing research, he worked out that commuting from Poland would cost £2,100 per year, but living in London would cost up to £220 per WEEK.

The anthropology student decided to pre-book all trains, flights and busses to and from the airport in advance, and now saves a shit load of money because of it.


Davey came up with the scheme after traveling in Europe last year, and found Poland was the cheapest place to live and fly from after looking at the practicalities and logistics of his plan.


He claimed:

It’s hard to believe it’s cheaper to commute 1,000 miles than live just round the corner.

But the cost of living for students is crippling. I’m thousands of pounds a year better off living in Poland.

I leave home in Gdansk and fly to Luton at 6am on Wednesdays. Because of the hour time difference, I’m sat in my first lecture by 10am.

I have lectures Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and then fly back to Poland until I do it all again the next Wednesday.

It works brilliantly. My parents think I’m mad, but they’ve always known I’m a free spirit.

I’ve shown them the figures and they can see I’m saving a fortune. Flying backwards and forwards every week makes life feel a bit like a permanent holiday.



In case you were wondering, when Davey is in London for those two nights a week, he stays on couches and in cheap hostels.

Mad, but amazing.

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    Student commutes 1,000 miles from POLAND to London because it SAVES him money