Online Debate Rages After Cyclist Is Knocked Off His Bike By Taxi

Daz Lin/YouTube

Cats and dogs, sharks and seals, cars and bicycles, all conflicts as old as time. Well there is fresh debate over the latter after video of a cyclist being knocked off his bike by a taxi made its way onto the internet.

Filming his own commute on London’s Edgware Road in May, YouTuber Daz Lin captured footage of a cyclist attempting to pass a taxi at the same moment the taxi tries to turn into a side street.

The end result is one downed commuter on the floor and one irate driver.

But the internet is divided in who it believes was at fault.

On the one hand the cyclist is attempting to undertake the cab, a naughty move, but at the same time it appears the taxi is very late to signal, and the cyclist had no reason to believe he couldn’t continue as a result.

Check it out.

Well the internet is not about to let this issue lie with a handshake embodying an equal show of respect and share of the blame, oh no.


Some people did at least try to be reasonable, but its not often the internet works that way.


Let’s settle this…