Only Known Recording Of Hitler’s Normal Voice Uncovered


It’s only just occurred to me that I’ve never heard Adolf Hitler’s ‘normal voice.’

Think about it. Anytime any of us have ever heard the Fuhrer speak has been through video of his speeches, if you’ve been unlucky enough to watch one of them.

Whenever he took to the podium, Hitler spoke exclusively in yells and barks. Check one out and see if you can get through thirty seconds without going, ‘Ah shut up will ya, you boring Nazi dolt.’

In reality, behind closed doors, the leader’s voice was almost a carbon copy of Alan Carr.

Listen here:

I’m only joking, it’s just a very conservative Austrian tone. Calming yet horrifying, knowing how much of a toiler the man was.

Delivering over 5,000 speeches during his lifetime, Hitler’s voice was described as ‘spellbinding’ by French-American novelist George Steiner in Ron Rosenbaum’s book Explaining Hitler.

The Independent reports Steiner said:

I was born in 1929, so from ’33 on my earliest memories are sitting in the kitchen hearing the voice [of Hitler] on the radio.

It’s a hard thing to describe, but the voice itself was mesmeric … The amazing thing is that the body comes through on the radio. I can’t put it any other way. You feel you’re following the gestures.

The recording was taped discreetly by a Finnish sound engineer in 1942 during a conversation between Finland’s defence leader, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, and Hitler.

He managed to record 11 minutes before being caught out.

Describing Hitler and oratory skills, Joseph Goebbels once wrote:

There are two fundamentally different kinds of speakers: those who use reasoning, and those who speak from the heart. They reach two different sorts of people, those who understand through reason, and those who understand through the heart. Speakers who aim for the reason are generally found in parliaments, those who speak from the heart speak to the people.

The speaker who uses reason, if he is to be effective, must command a wide range of statistical and factual material. He must be a master of dialectic as the pianist is master of the keyboard. With ice cold logic, he develops his line of thinking and draws irrefutable conclusions. He is most effective with people who work primarily or exclusively with reason.


He added:

His ability to reach the masses is unique and remarkable, fitting no organizational scheme or dogma. It would be ridiculous to think he attended some sort of speaker school; he is a rhetorical genius who developed his own abilities with no help from anyone else.

One cannot imagine that the Führer ever spoke differently than he does today, or that he will ever speak differently. He speaks his heart, and therefore reaches the hearts of those who hear him. He has the amazing gift of sensing what is in the air.

He has the ability to express things so clearly, logically and directly that listeners are convinced that that is what they have always thought themselves. That is the true secret of the effectiveness of Adolf Hitler’s speeches.

True or not, I think I speak for everyone when I say good riddance to both of their voices. The pair of bloody Nazis.