Only Real Film Buffs Can Find The 66 Movie References In This Pic

PopCorn Garage

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Movie quizzes are nothing new – giving film buffs the chance to show off their extensive knowledge. But even the most ardent of movie anoraks will probably struggle with this one!

The test comes courtesy of the team over at, with the goal to find all 66 cinematic references hidden within the interior of a movie lover’s garage.

Sure, we can all see the DeLorean from Back To The Future, the mask from Scream and good old R2D2 from Star Wars, but say goodbye to several hours of your life trying to work out some of the more obscure plot devices sitting in this image.

Three-boobed ladies anyone? Pug wearing a suit? A large tub of turpentine? Yeah, good luck finding and figuring out all 66 of these!

To fully put your movie knowledge to the test, check out the full game at Popcorn Garage.