Orange UFO Filmed By NASA’s ISS Has Baffled Everyone

by : Tom Percival on : 04 Feb 2017 15:40

Ufologists believe they may have spotted a bright orange UFO hovering close to the International Space Station (ISS).


The YouTube channel UFOmania posted the ‘shocking’ footage two days ago, saying the odd orange spot is either a UFO, a reflection from the station’s windows or lights from Earth.

And while most people would probably pick the more rational explanations, a number of fans of UFOmania were convinced the strange copper blur was proof that aliens visit Earth, The Daily Star reports.


Karl Mason pointed out that mainstream media wasn’t reporting on the topic which proves that it must be real (we’ve got your back Karl), while Eric Woody said ‘UFO in space definitely’.


Other commenters had explanations which didn’t involve beings from other worlds paying us a voyeuristic visit and include ‘swamp gas’ or another human spacecraft collecting space debris.

Easily the best explanation came from ‘redd Greene Blue who wrote:

It’s a weather balloon colliding with a shooting star. The resulting orange light is the combustion of the swamp gas created by the molecular merging of the two objects.

I don’t think that’s right for the record redd, but it’s better than a UFO.

Although to be fair to those who believe the orange light is a UFO we don’t actually know with any certainty what it is, but let’s use Occam’s razor. What’s more likely, aliens in an obnoxiously coloured space ship visiting the Earth or a reflection?

Tom Percival

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    Flaming orange UFO filmed by NASA’S ISS stuns viewers – but what is it?