‘Orbital Space Weapon’ Spotted Flying Past International Space Station


Footage captured by the International Space Station of a mysterious object passing it by has sparked fears of a super-weapon in space.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, several ‘expert’ commenters have theorised that the grainy image is proof of a secret orbital space weapon.

Check it out:

Awakened2Truth suggested the mysterious object is a ‘kinetic non-nuclear atmosphere based weapon’, but the same commenter did also state ISS isn’t actually in space at all.

The comment read:

Kinetic non-nuclear atmosphere based weapons aka “STAR WARS” (see Reagan) or space junk…or some other remote control craft.. but we know ISS isn’t up there.. and all it takes is some old school proper study with understanding of levels of the atmosphere, weights of metal.. etc.


Others have commented they believe the mystery object to be waste ejected from ISS, sent towards earth.

But that sounds far too plausible and dull, especially when compared to theories of Russia and America working together to send a doomsday weapon into orbit.

But maybe that’s what they’re relying on us to think…