Rugrats Illustrator Reveals What Characters Would Actually Look Like Today

by : UNILAD on : 14 Dec 2015 14:03

One of the original artists behind Rugrats has drawn what he believes the show’s characters would look like today, having become fed up with other people’s attempts.


Eric Molinsky worked on storyboard animation for the hit 90s cartoon, and he categorically denies Tommy, Chuckie, and the rest of the gang could have grown up to be hipsters.

These are some of the efforts that have irked Molinsky.

Celeste Pille
Isaiah Stephens
Leerer Raum

Here is what Molinsky had to say on the matter:

It really bugs me — not the quality of the artwork, but the interpretation. We referred to them as lumpy babies for a reason. If we ever drew the Rugrats as being too cute, our executive producer would scold us.

This is how the gang would look today according to the illustrator.

Eric Molinsky
Eric Molinsky

He added:

So no. The Rugrats did not all grow up to be fashion models or self-confident hipsters. Especially not Chuckie. They probably grew up to be average if not slightly lumpy looking people — just like their parents.


Well it is more in keeping with the show’s original aesthetic, but at the end of the day characters like these belong to all of us from childhood, so feel free to imagine them however you want.

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