Our Reliance On The Internet Is Affecting Our Memories, According To Research

ihponeDaily Dot

According to research, our reliance on the internet and technology is killing our memories.

A study, that used a pool of 6,000 people, showed that we just type information into our phones and laptops, and don’t even bother trying to store it in our minds.

There is a term for that, with cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab calling it ‘digital amnesia’, but really, is it any different to a few decades ago when people would write stuff down with a pen and paper?


According to the results, it is, with 36% of people looking up information on the net before trying to remember it, and 24% of people automatically forgetting an online fact once they’ve used it.

Even more alarmingly, 60% of adults were able to remember their childhood phone number (the house they lived in at 10-years-old), but now, 51% didn’t know the number to their office.

Shamefully, 53% of those people didn’t even know their child’s mobile number.


In addition, the study showed that 40% of 16 to 24-year-olds would be filled with sadness if they lost or damaged their phone and lost all their memories on the device.

If nothing else, the sheer time we spend on our smartphones and the net is pretty antisocial, and that’s without even factoring our memories into it.