Outrage After Extinction Rebellion Founder Reveals What Car She Drives

by : Cameron Frew on : 24 Aug 2021 07:51
Outrage After Extinction Rebellion Founder Reveals What Car She DrivesPA Images

Extinction Rebellion’s founder has been criticised after it was revealed what kind of car she drives. 

The climate change activist group is no stranger to complaints with their drastic protests; just one example is the fallout of the group locking down parts of London earlier this week.


Dr. Gail Bradbrook, 49, helped found the group in 2018. However, she’s become the subject of controversy more recently after revealing her not-so environmentally-friendly choice of vehicle.

During a heated interview with talkRADIO presenter Cristo Foufas on Monday, August 23, she was pressed to reveal which car she drives. Soon, she admitted she drove a vehicle powered by diesel, which is particularly harmful to the environment.

She said she has ‘done lots of good things but I also don’t get it all right’ before admitting she drove a car. Foufas asked if it was electric, and she replied: ‘No, because I can’t afford it. But if somebody wants to give me £5,000 you can convert my car to electric, and I don’t have the money at the minute.’


‘It was claimed to be a really green car at the time when I bought it. I can’t get my kids to sports fixtures, they are both into football and rugby, I do lots of lift-sharing but I can’t get them there because we don’t have buses that run on a Sunday. Some of the things are systemic issues aren’t they? We all do what we can.’

In response to accusations of making the interview ‘personal’, Foufas said: ‘How can you say it’s not personal? You are asking me and politicians to change my life personally, so of course it is personal.’

‘If you drive a diesel, if you take a holiday that takes up 11,000 air miles and then you are asking me or asking politicians to enforce rules that make me change my life, of course I am going to say you are a hypocrite.’


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    Cristo clashes with Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook after the latest climate protests, calling her a "hypocrite" as she admits driving a diesel car and flew 11,000 miles for a holiday.