Outrageous Karen Seen Intentionally Coughing On People In Supermarket

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Outrageous Karen Seen Intentionally Coughing On People In Supermarket@chaiteabugz/TikTok

An anti-vaxxer ‘Karen’ has been spotted intentionally coughing on her fellow shoppers at a supermarket, apparently taking issue with the fact that they were wearing masks.

The unnamed Karen, who can be seen grinning as though she was being extremely witty and clever, approached a group of shoppers and coughed theatrically in their direction, smirking, ‘Excuse me, coming through.’


The footage, which has been widely shared across a variety of platforms, was reportedly taken inside a Super Saver store in Lincoln, Nebraska, as per Twitter user @davenewworld_2.

Check out the video below:


The original vid was shared by TikTok user @chaiteabugz, who explained that her mother had filmed the incident.

She went on to explain how the woman ‘WOULD NOT leave us alone’, following them into the shop and coughing on them even after an employee told her to leave them alone.

When a person off-camera asked the Karen why she didn’t have a mask on, she shrugged, ‘I don’t need to have one on, I’m not sick and neither are you.’

After being told that she has no right to cough on anyone, regardless of whether or not she is sick, the woman began to cough at them again in an over-the-top manner, laughing as she claimed to have allergies.


Exhibiting a dazzling lack of logic, the Karen proceeded to pester the innocent shoppers, asking:

Two years ago before anyone started talking about COVID, you were okay with that though? Going out, not knowing you were sick.


Karen Who Was Filmed Coughing On People In Supermarket Loses Job

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Many have been left appalled by the Karen’s selfishness, with one person arguing that ‘the store should post her pictures and refuse to let her shop there’.


Another pondered:

What gives people like her the right to interfere in other peoples lives like this? Just leave people to go about their business and stop trying to bully them and harass them.


In April of this year, a 53-year-old woman from Florida was jailed for 30 days after purposefully coughing on a cancer patient while out shopping in a Pier 1 store.

As reported by The Washington Post at the time, Debra Hunter’s actions could well have had ‘deadly consequences’ for Heather Sprague, who had been undergoing treatment after having a brain tumour removed.

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