Over 450,000 People Sign Petition Calling For Animal Cruelty Register


Over 450,000 people have signed a petition calling on David Cameron and the UK government to put an animal cruelty register in place.

The request followed the horrendous case of Chunky the chihuahua who was beaten, drugged, and even set on fire before being left for dead.

An RSCPA inspector described the case as one of the most disturbing they had ever seen, reports The Independent.

Shockingly the youths who tortured the innocent dog will only recieve a five-year ban on owning a pet after pleading guilty to the ill-treatment of Chunky. Online activists say this is ‘not sufficient’.


The petition reads:

This petition is for Chunky the Chihuahua who was attacked for hours in what the RSPCA called one of the most disturbing cases of animal abuse they had ever seen. Chunky was, over a period of hours, beaten and drugged, his neck was broken, he was set on fire and finally he was dumped and left for dead. Despite serious injury, and against all odds, Chunky lived.

The people who committed this abuse were only banned from keeping animals for five years. As an animal lover, who once owned a dog just like chunky, I found this story highly upsetting. What shocked me is that these abusers and others like them will be able to own an animal again one day. There’s nothing to prevent them doing this again.

I’m asking that anyone who abuses animals, regardless of their age, be placed on an Animal Cruelty Register which would follow them for life. In some states in the US they already have animal abuse registries. If this had happened in New York these abusers would have to sign onto an animal abuse list that would prevent them from ownership of animals.

The UK need to introduce a similar law. A five year ban is not sufficient– it is hard to implement in practice and why do we assume abusers attitudes will have changed after a few years? Our legal system should have an animal abuse list so that we are aware of people who have mistreated animals. Please sign this petition for an animal abuse register.

Let’s get justice for dogs like Chunky.

Justice For Chunky/Facebook

As confirmed by the Facebook page Justice for Chunky, he is now in good health with owners that are treating him well, and with many online adorers.

Here’s hoping the Prime Minister listens to the public and effects a positive change that will prevent abusers from harming other helpless animals.