Over A Quarter Of Brits Would Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine, Study Finds

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Over A Quarter Of Brits Would Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine, Study FindsPA Images

A study has found that over a quarter of British people would refuse to have a coronavirus vaccine, an action that has been dubbed ‘selfish’. 

While a vaccine for the virus is yet to finalised, a survey was done to see how many would be willing to have it once it is.


The survey conducted by ORB International questioned 2,065 people and found 27% wouldn’t have it. According to the study, millennials were the most cautious of the vaccine with it being largely opposed by those aged between 25-34.


The 27% is made up of 14% who gave a flat-out no, and 13% that said they would be unsure. Women were also more cautious with 16% saying no, while only 12% of men wouldn’t have it.

Paul Hunter, professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia told the MailOnline:


If we get an effective vaccine, and almost everyone takes it up, overnight all the restrictions can stop and life will return to normal like it was before March, with no social distancing or restrictions.

The figures suggesting many people might refuse a vaccine are depressing, and actually incredibly selfish. As a doctor, I have known children die who would have survived if they had been vaccinated, and if people do not get vaccinated for coronavirus, other people such as their grandparents could die.

Earlier today, July 20, the UK secured early access to 90 million COVID vaccine doses, reported Sky News.


30 million doses of the vaccine have been developed by BioNTech and Pfizer and marks the first agreement the two companies have signed with any government. This vaccine has reportedly reached phase two of trials.


The other 60 million doses are being developed by Scotland based company Valneva with an option to acquire a further 40 million doses if this vaccine is proven to be safe, effective and suitable.

It was also confirmed today that studies taking place at the University of Oxford have found a vaccine that ‘appear safe’, BBC News reports.


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Trials involving around 1,077 people showed the injection led to them making antibodies and white blood cells that can fight coronavirus. However, it’s too early to say whether it will offer protection and it’s reported larger trials are under way.

While this is optimistic news, British prime minster Boris Johnson has expressed his reservations stating that he’s not 100% sure a vaccine will be ready this year, or even next year.

Boris JohnsonPA Images

He said:

Obviously I’m hopeful, I’ve got my fingers crossed but to say that I’m 100% confident that we will get a vaccine this year – or indeed next year – is, alas, just an exaggeration, we are not there yet.

It may be that the vaccine is going to come riding over the hill like the cavalry, but we just can’t count on it right now.

Fingers crossed that vaccines comes ‘riding over the hill’ sooner rather than later.


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