Overprotective Brothers Spike Sister’s Fiancée At Christmas, Sh*t Gets Awkward

by : UNILAD on : 27 Dec 2015 15:14

Most brothers are protective of their sisters, but these guys took it way too far.


Over on the wonderful world of Reddit a user by the name of ‘snowierstorm’ explained how meeting his fiancée’s family turned to shit over Christmas.

It turns out the brothers of his soon to be wife hate him for no actual reason, apart from maybe an unnecessarily large sense of protectiveness for their sister.

The unlucky Redditor accepted drinks off the brothers, much to his regret – they’d filled them full of various opiates in an attempt to embarrass him in front of his new in-laws.

Snowierstorm explains:


This just happened over yesterday and into this morning. I met my fiancée’s family for the first time yesterday. Turns out, her brothers don’t like me. No idea why, considering I’ve never met them before and they had no reason to, other than they’re protective of their sister. She also had no idea that they didn’t like me either. They were being super chill and just hanging out, acting totally normal and like they wanted to be friends, so we were both thrown off.

Anyway, on to the fuck up. Basically, I accepted beers from them, then don’t remember much else. Apparently, one of the beers had two vicodin in it, and the other had kratom in it. For those who don’t know, kratom is a plant that works on your opioid receptors, and is similar to any other opiod, such as the vicodin I had already unknowingly consumed. Her brother had it in capsules and dumped it into the beer… Apparently, their end goal was to get me to be really fucked up and make a mess of myself in front of 30+ people that I was meeting for the first time. Apparently, they completely succeeded, because her family doesn’t want anything to do with me right now. I’m here for the week and I’m pretty sure they hate me.


That’s a bad start to your life together. What happened next?

My fiancée was pissed with my behavior, but then found out about what her brothers did. They were apparently so drunk, that around eight this morning they decided to tell her what happened. Obviously, she was pissed. Now we’re not sure how to explain the situation, as her entire family apparently heard us fighting last night in the garage for almost an hour. It’s all bad. At this point, I’m just hiding in the room, here on reddit, and trying to figure out what to do. My parents have offered to drive four hours to pick me up where I’m at, then three hours to get the rest of my stuff from my fiancée’s house, then fourteen hours back to my house. My fiancée said I shouldn’t go, because we have another eleven days off work for vacation, but I don’t really see many other options without causing family issues by telling them what their kids did. Fuck.

But luckily for him it ended quite well, all things considered:

Update: Druggie brother took full blame for everything. Parents kicked him out and sent him the fuck back to his place for the remainder of the holiday weekend. Parents aren’t mad at me. Basically told me that they normally give everyone a freebie, but I still haven’t used mine, due to circumstances. Looks like everything will be okay, for now. No other action really being taken. As I’ve said, I’m not trying to get the brother arrested. I’m fine with him just being gone and the entire family being understanding and accepting. Just hoping they mean it and it all goes smoothly from here on out.

Well after that ordeal we wish you the best of luck, mate!

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