Overwatch’s New Bastion Short Brings All The Feels

by : Mark Foster on : 19 Aug 2016 09:38


Overwatch players will be all too familiar with Bastion. He’s the one who sneaks up in your game, turrets up all your kills, and smashes the Play of the Game. Every. Damn. Time. With the release of this new short cinematic though, you might just give more of a fuck about him.

Blizzard released the promised new Overwatch clip called ‘The Last Bastion’ during GamesCom, and it’s already being hailed as the best – and most heart-wrenching – yet. Check it out below.


Without a single word being uttered, the 7-minute movie tells the story of Bastion and why he’s really the ultimate softie with a tough, metalli shell.
Blizzard have also released a new Overwatch map – set to go live in September – and dished out a recent update that balances the game a little more.

The Bastion short is the fifth such cinematic from Blizzard, following in the footsteps of Winston, Tracer and Widowmaker, Hanzo and Genji and Soldier 76. While they haven’t hinted at when we can expect more, it’s a safe bet that the devs will be releasing a backstory for most of the game’s roster – that’s alongside the official Overwatch comics and planned graphic novel.

Plenty to look forward to then!

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