Aussie Commentates On This Week’s UNILAD Submissions


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Above: an arse in its natural Bali habitat. 

Below: Our video, links, and credits to all the shit I used and that you legends submitted to UNILAD in the last week! 

You likely landed here from our FB page. This is the full list of videos I used in the new weekly roundup compilation.

Mashing up and remixing ya videos is something I intend to do on a weekly basis, so keep those submissions flowing ladies and gents. If ya video wasn’t included don’t chuck a sad at me, it’s a busy fucken inbox. Check out me youtube channel Ozzy Man Reviews for more shit if ya like.

Don’t be mean to anyone that submitted, that’s 100% my job thanks, yeah nah cheers!

YouTube Submissions:


Drift King Selfie Hit:

Summer Lovin’ Bali Holiday


Students super passionate about nature:

Stonebank – Stronger


Rabbits doing fuck all:

Uncle Rob doing the gardening:

Baby daughter thug life:

Curtis being awesome at beatbox:

Misc Submissions and Cheers:

Ellis – Lollypop bloke exercising
Adam – Read my lips
Ciaran – Pretty eyes
Michael – Typical day in Ireland
Ash – Jump from work to holiday
Contrix – Street flip
Sylvain – baking soda shoes