P.T As A Live Action Short Film Is Absolutely Terrifying


P.T has crossed over from videogames and into the real world. It’s coming for us. Michigan production company  Oddest of the Odd have adapted the Silent Hills demo into an intensely atmospheric first person horror short, with a very cheeky cameo at the end.

Obviously, all the ingredients that made P.T so piss your pants scary remain present and correct. The crackling radio broadcast that tells of a grisly murder, the muffled cries of a baby, the weird foetus thing in the sink, and the ghostly presence throughout.

But the chaps behind the film have also thrown in their own touches to further link it with the Silent Hill franchise. There’s a very familiar looking location, and the aforementioned cameo of someone special. I’d hate to ruin it for you, so check it out for yourself below.

The video description claims that one aim of making the short was to try and coax Del Toro and Kojima into going back and finishing Silent Hills. Unfortunately for them, Kojima recently closed the door on that possibility for good.

Still, P.T is the gift that keeps on giving, with a raft of awesome horror games that aspire to its legacy, and now this trouser soiling production.