P.T. Has Finally Been Cracked By Dataminers, Here’s What They Found



A group of talented dataminers have finally managed to crack into Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s brilliant P.T, and the results have been incredible. 

Big credit to Xentax forums user luxox18 (via NeoGAF), as this achievement actually marks the very first time anyone has been able to crack into a PS4-exclusive title.


Obviously this has super exciting implications for the future, given the amount of quality PS4 titles already out there, but for now we get to see character models from P.T in a whole new (terrifying) light.

For example, why not take a look at this video from Lakitouille? It’s of the ghostly Lisa (who so often stalked players through the corridors of the demo) dancing around with Norman Reedus and a small group of talking fetuses in a modded Metal Gear Solid V cutscene.

Oh, and Kojima appears at the end for some more dancing – I don’t know why it’s happened, but I’m glad it has.

Given that Konami pulled the plug on P.T – which was of course meant to lead into a new Silent Hills – it’s cool to see something from the game was able to survive.

Naturally, the datamining also revealed a load of unused character models that were presumably supposed to appear in the demo at some point.

Among these are a strange male looking creature, and a one legged beast that looks like proper, classic Silent Hills. Take a look below.

p-t-datamine-reveals-unused-enemies-148096039761 p-t-datamine-reveals-unused-enemies-148096041875

Silent Hill and P.T may be dead and gone, but it’s good to know that it’s legacy has been saved from Konami so that we can laugh at Lisa in all manner of funny videos.