P.T. Reimagined In Fallout 4 Brings Back Haunting Memories


Why would anyone want to remake P.T.? Surely the only sane response to finishing the doomed Silent Hills demo is to burn your PS4 in the garden and sprinkle generous amounts of holy water over the charred remains?

Still, one brave Fallout 4 player has recreated the house from P.T, and while the creepy ghosts and weird sink dwelling foetuses are nowhere to be seen, simply prowling the corridors is enough to bring back memories of those monsters.

This effort comes from YouTuber Ki da, who put together the faithful recreation using Fallout 4‘s crafting system. Presumably Ki da wants to ruin the simple act of walking down a corridor for everyone. Who can say?

Still, this is probably the closest we’re getting to playing P.T ever again. After Silent Hills was canned, Konami essentially wiped the demo from the face of the Earth. Hideo Kojima also recently stepped in to say he’d never make another game like P.T– so that’s that, then.