Pack Your Bags, The First Ever Tequila Hotel Is Coming To Europe

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Get ready for the holiday of a lifetime – well, one that you might not remember but that would probably be pretty epic – after news spread about the first tequila hotel opening up.

The Mexican playground will open on the Isle of Wight, and is the first of its kind in Europe, and will have rooms that take on a different theme based on drinks on the tequila menu and individual cocktail sets, just so you can get that little bit drunker.

To make the prospect of visiting the hotel even more tantalising, there will also be food on offer, with a Mexican street menu containing pulled pork and beef tacos sounding out of this world – and even if the cooking is a bit off, the amount of tequila that you’ll have drunk by that point will probably make it taste like the stuff of gourmet dreams.


The bar and restaurant will open this week, but before you go and get all excited, the hotel only actually opens in October, so unless you live in the Isle of Wight or want to crawl to a different hotel after having ten too many in the bar, you might want to hold off on booking those tickets just yet.