Paddy McGuinness Bursts Into Nail Bar Rant In Defence Of His Wife



Footage has emerged of cheeky northern chappy Paddy McGuiness kicking off at a nail salon in Cheshire.

He stormed into American Nail Studio in Wilmslow after his wife had reportedly been subjected to an ‘inappropriate sexual comment’ the previous day, as she was having a pedicure.

She says she heard the worker make the comment under his breath, and Paddy no likey, so he went down to give them a piece of his mind.

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Ronald Giron, owner of the salon, told The Sun:

He shouted something like “I will deck you in” and said “That b****** tried it on with my wife. He told my missus she gave him a hard on”.

My employee didn’t say that though. It was all a misunderstanding because he doesn’t speak very good English. I think she probably misheard, went home and told Paddy and it drove him mad.

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He claims the employee had actually said something about her having ‘hard skin’ on her feet.

The pair married in 2011 after being together for three years. They met at the Liverpool International Tennis Tournament in 2008, where she was modelling.

Both parties have refused to apologise, and are now seeking legal advice. A spokesman for Paddy said he wouldn’t be apologising as he strongly denies doing anything wrong.

Let the nail salon see the angry northern comedian. Or something…