Paedophile Caught Filming Young Girls Confronted By Alert Citizens



This is the moment a suspected paedophile was caught filming young girls by concerned citizens in San Francisco.

The subject in the blue beanie was reportedly following women and young girls into stores, so he could then film up their skirts with a camera hidden in a shopping bag with a peephole in it (skip to 4:18 to see the peephole).

Upon being outed in the middle of the street, the subject then attempts to make a swift getaway, but the pursuers – determined not to let him get away – continue to film and shout as he stomps the curb.

This then seemingly alerts local police officers to the situation, who swoop in and stop the alleged sicko – who gives up without a fight, or even an ounce of defence against the allegations being made.

Justice dispensed properly.

We’d like to give a special shout out to the man at 3:33.