Painfully High Waisted Boxers Give Men The Perfect Excuse To Skip The Gym


UniversalImagesGroup UIG/Getty Images
Cheeky date? Seeing mates you haven’t since school? Whatever the occasion you want to look your best. Well this new slimming belt has got you covered, literally.

So no need to set that early morning alarm, or the three that directly follow it to force you out of bed and to the gym.

No, there is no need to bother with the gym at all anymore thanks to these ‘Men’s Slimming Effect High Waisted Boxers’.

The name needs some work, but the concept is pretty flawless. Eat what you want, do feck all exercise, and still head out with the absence of a beer gut.

They appear painful, and by the looks of it your best to have a piss before getting locked into these things.

Given the shallow world we live in and the low price of roughly £8.80 they will probably sell.

But hopefully the observant corners of society will have noticed this product is being modelled by a gym buff, and not ‘Dave’ from the pub who actually has a gut to hide.