Palestine Writer Removed From His Home After Speaking To CNN About Forced Evictions

by : Daniel Richardson on : 13 May 2021 11:08
Palestine Writer Removed From His Home After Speaking To CNN About Forced EvictionsCNN/JalalAK_jojo/Twitter

A Palestinian writer was removed from his home in Sheikh Jarrah after speaking to CNN about forced evictions by Israeli forces.

Violence between Israel and Palestine has increased in severity in recent weeks, hundreds have been injured, while the death toll is also rising – 83 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip, including 17 children, according to reports.


Mohammed El-Kurd, a Palestinian writer and activist who has spoken about the disposition enforced by Israel after experiencing it personally, joined CNN to discuss the current situation in Gaza and Jerusalem. In the interview, El-Kurd discussed how people have been forcibly evicted, and a video has now surfaced of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) doing this to him shortly after the broadcast.

You can see the video below:

The shocking footage shows Mohammed El-Kurd being escorted away from his home by officers. The incident happened after two interviews El-Kurd gave went viral. One of these videos, from the CNN discussion, saw the host ask, ‘Do you support the protests, the violent protests, that have erupted in solidarity with you and other families in your position right now?’ In response, El-Kurd queried, ‘Do you support the violent dispossession of me and my family?’


During the interview, El-Kurd noted that the forced eviction of Palestinians can be considered ‘forced ethnic displacement’, despite the legal claims of Israel. The writer also discussed the distress for families who are threatened with violence and lose their homes without a chance to appeal the decision. The writer is seemingly facing this issue personally yet again.

El-Kurd said, according to international law, Israel does not have authority over occupied East Jerusalem, and does not have the power to evict Palestinians from the area.

An image of an explosion in Gaza (PA Images)PA Images

In another interview with MSNBC, the writer said Israeli forces are using a ‘supremacist, colonial judicial system that colludes with organizations to take our homes,’ The Daily Beast reports. Adding, ‘Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s moral or correct or historically just. What’s happening to us is ethnic cleansing.’


Shortly after his interviews, El-Kurd was seen being marched out of the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood by armed forces. He later took to Twitter to tell his followers he was ‘fine & unintimidated’.

The footage has sparked discussions about the legality of disposition and what happens to Palestinians in this situation. Many are now concerned about how refugees can be helped in this conflict that has seen many people killed and more than 390 people injured in under a week.

Tor Wennesland, UN Special Envoy to the Middle East Peace Process called for the violence to end, ‘Stop the fire immediately. We’re escalating towards a full scale war. Leaders on all sides have to take the responsibility of deescalation.’ Many will hope that the words of Wennesland are listened to, and the rising civilian casualties stop.


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