Palestinian Journalist Does Brilliant Job While Being Trolled By Israeli Soldiers

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A Palestinian journalist who was being mocked by Israeli soldiers in the middle of a live broadcast, but didn’t let the knobheads interrupt her report.

The presenter, Sara al-Adara, was reporting from the West Bank village of Abud, near Hallamish in Samarai, when three soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) walked up behind her.

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The morons from the IDF began to strike poses, make gestures, cover her camera and interrupt her as she tried to report on a conflict in the area.

Sara didn’t allow the men to distract her and remained unsettled by their childish actions, ignoring their gestures and finished off her report before handing back to the studio.

Israeli news site Nana10, reports that the soldiers were investigated by the IDF after the broadcast and have been warned not to do it again.

The Mirror claim a spokesman for the IDF said that all soliders are well trained in dealing with media and the rude soldiers in question have had the rules ‘emphasised’ to them again.