Pamela Anderson Joins Miley Cyrus In Bizarre Killer Whale Protest

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Pamela Anderson made a shock appearance at a Miley Cyrus concert this weekend, to help protest the cruel treatment of killer whales.

At Miley’s Saturday night gig in Los Angeles, former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, appeared on stage wearing a skimpy black vest, a pair of black knickers and towering stilettos.

Drawn up her left leg in a bold black font were the words ‘No Captivity’, and the star paraded around with a ‘Save the Whales’ sign. On the outside of her right arm she scribbled ‘Go Vegan’.

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Miley herself wore fake boobs, a multi-coloured wig, a unicorn horn and appeared to be having a whale of a time.

The controversial performer used the concert to raise awareness of the plight of orcas (killer whales) in captivity, with one of her performers also dressing up as the endangered mammal.

Miley was her usual bizarre self, using a smoke jet as a make-shift penis and throwing herself around the stage in outlandish X-rated outfits.

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At one point Miley Cyrus hugged the performer in the whale costume close to her and pumped her fist triumphantly. Pamela seemed to be enjoying herself as well and planted a kiss on her co-performers cheek, before dancing around with her arms raised high.