Paramedic Filmed With Hands In Pockets As Patient Died Keeps Job


A shocking CCTV video shows the moment a paramedic actually stood with his hands in his pockets as a man had a heart attack in front of him.

Unsurprisingly, 36-year-old Matthew Geary was taken to court after he failed to act when Carl Cope, 47, collapsed in a heap at the entrance to Walsall General Hospital, after he’d transported him there in his ambulance.

Incredibly, however, despite the fact that Geary stood around doing nothing as Cope lay dying in front of him, he has not lost his job over the incident, after a disciplinary panel ruled he could continue as a paramedic.

Geary was not struck off from the NHS, despite him previously being charged in a criminal case at Wolverhampton Crown Court following Cope’s death.

Judge John Warner described Geary’s actions as “callous and uncaring”, convicting him of failing to undertake his duty and slapping him with an eight month suspended sentence.

To remain on the register he was given ten conditions by the Health & Care Professions Council, including that he must not work alone until his supervisor allows him to do so or until three months from the date the order was made.

Geary must also follow a personal development plan and tell all future employers about the order.

Summing up, panel chair Ian Hughes said:

The registrant had tried to draw attention to the role and culpability of others who could have helped this patient. The registrant has fully accepted he had not taken the appropriate level of assessment and should not have left the patient on his own. The panel has accepted the registrant’s remorse and regret of what happened.