Paramedic Sacked For Man-Handling ‘Agressive Drunk’ At Hospital A And E


Daily Mirror/YouTube
A paramedic from Liverpool has been sacked for assaulting a drunken visitor to a hospital’s A and E department.

CCTV footage shows Adrian Penfold-Ivany grabbing a man by his clothes and repeatedly throwing him to the floor.

The video seems to show the drunken victim clashing with hospital staff and other visitors before he was dragged towards the exit.

Daily Mirror/YouTube
Mr Penfold-Ivany was with the North West Ambulance Service for over 13 years, and had appealed the decision to terminate his employment, but now says he does not wish to go back, although he will take the service to an employment tribunal.

He said to the Liverpool Echo:

Right now, the way I’ve been treated and made to feel, I wouldn’t be sorry if I never saw the inside of an ambulance ever again.

So at the end of all this, was it worth it? For the lives I saved and people who’s lives I touched, absolutely yes. But the cost to me personally? Absolutely not.”

The level of force used by Penfold-Ivany was deemed as excessive, and that decision was upheld by a review panel.

The final judgement being that although the drunk man displayed aggression, he never actually physically attacked the paramedic, and thus his response was unjustified.