Parents Call 999 After Girl ‘Kicks Off’ Because She Can’t Watch Love Island

by : Emily Brown on : 15 Jun 2018 19:15
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It’s no secret Love Island has captured the attention of many millions of people across the UK, and one young girl wan’t happy about having to miss out on the drama.


Love Island is often a topic of conversation, the events of the previous evening’s show making headlines and filling group chats as friends share their opinions of Dr Alex and their memes of Eyal’s hair.

It’s usually better to watch the show even if you hate it, just so you know what everybody’s talking about.

Unfortunately for one young girl, she wasn’t allowed to join in the Love Island fun, and she was not happy about it. She ‘kicked off’ after being refused permission, and the police had to be called to help deal with the situation.


Police were called to the address in Leicestershire following reports of a ‘public disorder incident’, where the caller claimed they had been threatened with violence, Metro reports.

Market Bosworth Police posted about the event on Facebook:

The post reveals that the call was assessed as a ‘grade one’, which meant that the police attended the emergency ‘on blues and twos’ i.e. with the lights flashing and sirens wailing.

Many readers of the Facebook post were not impressed with the girl’s parents for calling the police, and posted their disapproval in the comments of the police’s post. 

And you have the LM [local media] this week reporting a shop calling 999 and reporting an armed robbery just occurring and they are told it isn’t an emergency and to call 101. Disgusting.

So what has happened to parenting?
It’s bad enough to argue with your children about TV programmes but to call the police.
This is the rubbish on TV that has got control of some of the public. Very sad!

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Others supported the parent’s decisions, bringing to light very few details had been revealed on the post, meaning it was hard to say how serious the situation was:

Nobody knows the true details of how badly the child kicked off and how scared the parents were and if there were any underlying issues before everyone starts to judge.

Market Bosworth PoliceMarket Bosworth PoliceMarket Bosworth Police//Facebook

Some members of the public gave backlash to the Market Bosworth Police for posting about the call out in the first place: 

I think the police need to be careful what they post. Not sure how this post helps the public?

Market Bosworth PoliceMarket Bosworth PoliceMarket Bosworth Police/Facebook

Taking a step back from the potential seriousness of the situation, the Market Bosworth Police also made excellent use of a disappointed Ryan Reynolds GIF when one commenter asked the police department to ‘name and shame the family’.

Market Bosworth PoliceMarket Bosworth PoliceMarket Bosworth Police/Facebook

The police department made clear in a comment that the call had been dealt with seriously, and mentioned that the family had received ‘support, safeguarding referrals and a holistic review of the incident. Ongoing support measures are also in place’.

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    Parents call police after girl, 11, ‘kicks off’ because she can’t watch Love Island