Parents Claim Their Son Was ‘Stalked By UFO’ For Two Weeks

by : Christopher Blunt on : 27 Aug 2015 16:35


This bizarre footage, filmed by a nine-year-old boy with his parents’ camera phone, allegedly depicts a UFO which he claims had stalked him for two weeks.

The Mirror describes the footage as an ‘object’ that ‘flies around, changes direction and eventually seems to vanish in mid-air’.


The parents said that when the youngster first told them he was being followed by a UFO they did not believe him. When they saw this footage, however, they were utterly convinced.

The parents have now become so concerned about the incident, they have taken the footage to UFO experts for verification.

Obviously, the experts argued the video is concrete evidence that alien crafts are following children with the overall aim of abducting one.

“It was almost as if this craft made itself invisible to the parents and only visible to the child, who was needless to say very frightened by this thing,” they claim.


“This further corroborates other stories where these UFOs follow children, presumably to abduct them” they added.

Brilliant stuff.

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    Parents horrified when child 'stalked by UFO for two weeks' showed them this footage