Parents Sue Catholic School $1.35 Million For Being ‘Too Woke’

by : Daniel Richardson on : 21 Jul 2021 16:30
Parents Sue Catholic School $1.35 Million For Being 'Too Woke'Academy of the Holy Names - Tampa/Facebook/holynamestpa.org

A Florida couple is suing the Academy of the Holy Names and its leadership for being too ‘woke’.

Parents being annoyed at school practices is nothing new, but many have been surprised by Anthony and Barbara Scarpo’s attempt to have their $1.35 million donation returned to them from their children’s school. The school, based in Tampa, Florida, denies any wrongdoing.


The bizarre legal filing came after the parents donated the money before claiming the school offered ‘the antithesis of a Catholic education by focusing solely on the new, politically correct, ‘woke’ culture.’

Pope Francis said Catholics must take responsibility for sex abuse scandal (PA Images)PA Images

The legal complaint states the academy used ‘Plaintiffs names, images, and personal relationships to raise funds including 1.35 million dollars.’ $350,000 was reportedly a cash gift, while the $1 million was ‘a testamentary pledge’.

The Scarpo family now wants the money it donated to be ‘refunded and donated to Tampa Bay Catholic Charities’.


The complaint details what happened:

[The Scarpo family] were promised a Catholic Education. The Scarpos became enamored with the school and ultimately pledged $1.35 million when a capital campaign was announced.

The President, Art Raimo then asked the Scarpos to lead the campaign. The Scarpos became the face of the school’s fundraising campaign.

However, after ‘a radical left speaker’ was invited to talk at the school, the Scarpo family had a change of heart. Adam S. Levine, a law professor and attorney for the Scarpos, told the Christian Post, the speaker reportedly ‘told the students that they were too white and essentially that they should be guilty because their parents could afford to send them to the Academy’.

Academy of the Holy Names (Academy of the Holy Names)Academy of the Holy Names

Levine also said:

The Scarpos tried over the course of two years to resolve the Academy’s dramatic shift towards its virtue-signalling of being ‘woke.’ And the president and board all refused to meet with them claiming, as they do now, that they provide a Catholic education.

In response, the academy’s communications director, Emily Wise, said, ‘The Academy’s curriculum is, and always has been, based on Catholic values and rigorous academic standards.’ Wise went on to note, ‘The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, the school’s founding order, are dedicated to the full development of the human person through education, social justice, contemplation and the arts.’

Wise also showed the Christian Post a letter from the school by Tampa lawyer Gregory A. Hearing. The letter labels the claim by the Scarpos as a publicity stunt. It also adds that the US law delving into a religious matter would ‘violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution’.


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