Paris Attacks: Eight Social Media Rumours That Were Completely False


With Paris in a state of mourning after the hideous terror attacks on Friday night social media is rife with speculation.

But, here’s a few rumours that are not true in the slightest…

1. The Eiffel Tower turned its lights off in memory of victims

This video was widely shared of the iconic monument turning its lights off, with many believing it was after these Friday night attacks. However, like many of these images, it was from January in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

2. These social media photos identify the terrorists involved


At the time this rumour was picking up speed French authorities were yet to release any attackers identities, so it’s quite tricky to say they’re correct. However, in the past innocent people have been branded terrorists by both social media and the press. So far only one attacker has been identified- Frenchman Omar Ismail Mostefa.

3. The fire in the Calais migrant camp was an act of revenge


The cause of the fire still remains unknown, but around 40 shelters were destroyed in the process. There is currently no evidence to support the rumours of a revenge arson attacks and appears to be purely coincidence.

4. These attacks were predicted by a post on a French website over a week ago


This screenshot which seemed to circulate here, there and everywhere after the Paris attacks which supposedly predicts them on November 5th was in fact altered. The actual post says nothing about the attacks.

5. This widely shared Eiffel Tower image was done by Banksy

This image of the Eiffel Tower has become iconic all over social media since the violent attacks, but it wasn’t done by Banksy. A fan created a hoax account and posts lots of artists’ work without permission. Jean Jullien was the guy who actually created it.

6. This image of Paris shows the city deserted after Friday nights attacks

Actually this picture focussed on central Paris is actually part of an art project called “Silent Witness” and is from 2008. The project re-imagined cities at the end of the world.

7. Donald Trump’s controversial tweet about gun control was in response to these latest attacks

The Republican presidential candidate hopeful has been in amongst a host of controversies since he began his campaign, but on this occasion his widely criticised and insensitive tweet was in fact his response to the Charlie Hebdo attack in January. This is what he actually said in response to the attacks. 

8. Uber heavily raised their fares during the attacks

They’ve been accused of a lot of bad stuff in their time, but they didn’t hike their fares as suggested on social media.

The company insists that they suspended surge pricing during the Paris attacks and there is no evidence to say Uber did increase its fares.