Parrot Who ‘Witnessed Murder’ Keeps Saying These Three Haunting Words

face fishDurham Family / Flickr

In Michigan last spring, Martin Durham was shot and killed in his own home. His wife was also shot but she survived.

Nobody was ever prosecuted for the murder, but now things may all be about to change because of the weirdest witness – an African grey parrot called Bud.

According to The Independent, in this fascinating tale of chance which bears a massive resemblance to the storylines of 1950’s detective shows, Mr Durham’s parents are begging police to treat the parrot as a witness after a video emerged of the foul-mouthed bird repeatedly saying ‘don’t fucking shoot’.

Police originally believed that the murder was part of a double murder – that is until Durham’s wife, Glenna, woke up several hours later.

Michigan State Police have since revealed that they believe Glenna to be the main suspect in what they think was intended to be a murder-suicide, after a Freedom of Information request was sent in by 24 Hour News 8 – however, Glenna stoutly denies all accusations.

Speaking to Wood TV, Mr Durham’s parents said that they had become frustrated that nobody has been charged in the death, and that the police investigation is still ongoing – while also pleading the police to use the parrot, named Bud, as a witness.

parrot1Wood TV

Mr Durham’s mum, Lillian, said:

That bird picks up everything and anything, and it’s got the filthiest mouth around.

They believe that the bird was mimicking both Mr Durham and his wife.

The somewhat harrowing video shows the bird, clinging to the outside of a cage, changing voices, as if in the midst of a rowdy argument.

The owner of Casa La Parrot in Grand Rapids said:

In my mind, it’s something that he’s heard, definitely heard before. And if it’s fresh in his mind, he might even say it more now.

This must be a first…