Passenger Says Air Asia Uniforms Are ‘Offensive’ After Seeing Breasts And Underwear Of Attendant


A passenger has filed an official complaint after she claims to have seen the ‘breasts and underwear’ of Air Asia flight attendants.

Dr June Robertson from Wellington, New Zealand, felt so strongly about the uniforms, she wrote a letter to the Malaysian senator saying the uniforms are ruining Malaysia’s reputation.

In the letter – which has since been posted to Facebook – Dr Robertson said she was offended by the extremely short skirts the female flight attendants on Air Asia are made to wear.

Dr Robertson wrote:

I found it quite disgusting myself as not everyone appreciates this.

One of the Air Asia women bent over in the supermarket in [Kuala Lumpur International Airport] and I seen her underwear; terrible! [sic]

Dr Robertson describes herself as a ‘middle-aged professional woman’ and says she’s visited Malaysia twice a year for the last ten years.

As well as the length of the skirts, Dr Robertson also spoke of another incident which had upset her.


She said on a flight from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur in October she was sitting in premium business class when she noticed a flight attendant ‘had her blouse opened and I could see the top of her breasts’.

She continued:

I objected and asked her to close her jacket, as she was bending over us.

One of the things we like about Malaysia is the fact your women do not dress like prostitutes and the people are very respectful of others.

Dr Robertson says she believes the attire of the female flight attendants was letting down the reputation of Malaysia, however she does say the ‘males are very respectfully dressed and very professional.’


The letter was addressed to Hanafi Mamat, a Malaysian senator who’s previously suggested Air Asia flight crew should wear a uniform which ‘portrays Malaysia as a Muslim country with strong Eastern values’ according to Free Malaysia Today.

Mr Mamat said:

We are proud that Malaysia is an Islamic country with its own cultural identity.

But when our flight stewardesses dress sexily and disrespectfully, this will give tourists who use the services of our national carriers the wrong impression.

An Air Asia spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia they were ‘unable to comment’.