Passenger Films Toddler’s Eight Hour ‘Demonic’ Screaming Fit On Flight

by : UNILAD on : 14 Feb 2018 19:07

An eight-hour flight from Germany to America, while normal, is still long – the least you’d expect is a relaxing journey with no disruptions.


Which is why we should spare a thought for the passengers aboard a flight from Germany to Newark, New Jersey as they had to deal with the demonic screams of a child for eight hours straight.

Three-year-old tearaway terrorised other passengers with his incessant screaming as he ran up and down the Airbus, much to the horror (and most likely annoyance) of the other passengers.

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The incident occurred last year, August 26, aboard a Lufthansa flight and was recorded by New York City artist Shane Townley – he captured the boy’s antics on his phone throughout the long haul flight.


While the boy’s mother remains unidentified – according to the Daily Mail, she’s an American woman – but judging by her son’s wailing, she may as well have been an emissary for The Dark Lord of The Underworld – the implication said Lord of Darkness was her son.

She can be seen in the video asking if the stewards to could turn on the WiFi  so he could go on his iPad as it might calm her son down, but  being a three-year-old, kid calming down wasn’t on his agenda.

If passengers thought they’d get some respite, they were in for a rude awakening.


As the hours dragged on Townley filmed the boy running down the aisles, screaming his little head off, as distressed passengers tried to cover their ears in a futile attempt to drown out his noise.

One possible explanation behind the child’s actions could be down to behavioural issues. However, if this was the case, it appears his mother did not inform the cabin crew – a medical issue such as that would have to have been disclosed to the flight crew prior to the flight, as required by law.

At one point in the footage, the child can be seen sitting on top of the seats while his mother is begging him to ‘Calm down’ and take a seat.

While Townley did not file a complaint he told the Mail he was almost ‘certain someone did’ as the rebellious toddler’s antics affected the whole plane throughout the eight-hour journey.

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