Passenger Jet Skids Off Runway And Almost Slides Into The Sea


A passenger jet that had 162 people on board came within metres of sliding into the sea after it skidded off a runway.

Flight PC8622 had just landed at Trabzon Airport in Turkey when it started skidding off an icy runway.

Luckily the Boeing 737-8000 jet that was carrying 162 people got its wheels stuck in icy mud which stopped it from entering the Black Sea as it dangled precariously off the edge of a cliff.


Shocking footage and photos show the Pegasus Airlines plane hanging off the edge of the muddy cliff face as smoke billows out from the cabin.

The jet’s left engine was ripped from its wing during the crash that happened last night.

Although smoke can be seen the video, there has been no suggestion made that there was a fire onboard.

You can watch shocking footage from the incident here:

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Remarkably no-one was hurt as both the passengers and crew were quickly evacuated from the scene.

State-run Anadolu news agency has described the panic on board as the plane drifted out of control.

Passenger Fatma Gordu was quoted as saying:

We tilted to the side. The front was down while the plane’s rear was up. There was panic, people shouting, screaming.

Following the incident Trabzon Airport shut down with all flights either being delayed or cancelled as the evacuation and clear-up process began.

Local governor Yucel Yavuz has said that an investigation has been launched into the incident which Pegasus Airlines described as being a ‘runway excursion’.

The airport has now reopened.


In a statement the airline said:

We’re sorry to report that the Boeing 737-800 type TC-CPF registered aircraft of Pegasus Airlines Flight Number PC 8622 Ankara-Trabzon flight scheduled at 18:25 UTC tonight had a Runway Excursion Incident during landing at Trabzon Airport (January 13 2018).

All 162 passengers, two pilots and four cabin crew have been disembarked safely from the aircraft. There has been no loss of life or injury to anyone on-board.

We will continue to provide information with regards to any further updates.

Luck really did seem to be on the side of the side of both the passengers and crew members yesterday.