Passengers Responded Brilliantly When They Saw A Muslim Woman Being Racially Abused On Train

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When a Muslim woman was racially abused by an idiot shouting she was going to “bomb the train” has thanked the amazing group of strangers who stepped in and forced the thug out of the carriage.

Ruhi Rehman, 23, from Newcastle, was travelling on the Metro from Newcastle to Whitley Bay with her sister last Saturday when a man approached her and demanded she leave the train.

But her fellow travellers – many of them football supporters returning from the match – were disgusted by the man’s behaviour and rushed to Ruhi’s defence, demanding he leave her alone, before ordering him to leave the train.

According to the Newcastle Chronicle, as the man left the train in shame, the passengers cheered and clapped.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Ruhi thanked those who stepped in to help and recounted the incident:

It was the true Geordie spirit that shone through. They were my angels that day and I can’t thank them enough.

He shouted ‘get up out of that seat’ at me. I was shocked at first because I didn’t really know what was happening. He was then saying stuff like ‘this is my country’ and my sister told him we were born here and it was our country too. It was then the other passengers started getting involved, telling him to leave us alone. Then he said to them ‘what, do you want her to bomb this train?’.

Disgusted by his comments, a group of men demanded the man leave the Metro at the next station, telling him he wasn’t welcome on board. As Ruhi recalls: “There was no violence or anything, they just made it clear he had to leave”.


When the man got off the train at Palmersville, the carriage erupted into applause.

Ruhi added:

I’d never seen anything like it. I have never felt more proud of being a Geordie. It was lovely that everyone came together to help us and I can’t thank them all enough. It made me feel really optimistic and hopeful.

One of the onlookers took to Twitter to describe the scene:

Ruhi has now reported the incident to the police.

A spokeswoman for DB Regio Tyne and Wear, which operates the Metro on behalf of Nexus, confirmed that a police investigation into the incident is underway, and anyone with information about the man is encouraged to contact the police on 101 ext 69191 quoting reference number 191 23/11/15.

Many on social media praised the passengers for their actions and, with the disgraceful rise in Islamophobic attacks in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, the behaviour of those awesome folks present in that Metro carriage is enough to restore your faith in humanity!