Pastor Who Made People Eat Underwear And Swallow Snakes Bailed


The South African pastor and self-proclaimed prophet Penuel Mnguni was arrested late last week after complaints were filed against him for forcing members of his congregation to swallow live snakes, but has since been bailed.

Somehow, the batshit insane preacher has been let off the hook after being granted bail which was set at just £77. This isn’t the first time Mnguni has been in the spotlight though, having been called out numerous times for his mental behaviour. Past incidents have included making people eat rats, hair and most commonly eat their own underwear, as well as telling worshippers to strip and touch themselves during service.


The South African Society for Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals filed a complaint against Pastor Mnguni late last week and vowed to bring him to justice for his misdeeds.

Mishack Matlou, an SPCA inspector said:

We are conducting a preliminary inquiry with an intention of opening a criminal case against him. What we saw in the pictures is cruel. Imagine being eaten alive! This has to stop. He (the pastor) has now been charged with animal cruelty and will appear in court on Monday.

The Interfaith Council of South Africa has also spoken out saying that while they condemn the acts, they are powerless to do anything because of South Africa’s freedom of religion. They claim it is up to the religious leaders in the community to intervene if Penuel Mnguni is to be brought to justice.