Paul O’Grady Contracts Deadly Infection From Cuddling Dogs


TV stalwart Paul O’Grady, has suffered a near-fatal collapse while working in India, according to reports.

The 62-year-old is said to have been rushed to hospital for life-saving treatment after he collapsed in his hotel room.

He was shooting in New Delhi when the incident occurred and was told by doctors he was ‘heading for renal failure’.


He apparently collapsed due to complications from an infection which he contracted while filming for his latest show.

Paul told The Mirror he believed he picked up the infection when handling some wounded pups in Delhi, saying:

I used to think I was invincible, but now I’m running out of lives… They had been bitten by rats and there were maggots in them.

I must have touched my mouth with my hand and I started vomiting at five in the morning.


He continued:

The doctor was called and he said, ‘You’re so seriously dehydrated, you’re heading for renal failure.’

Next thing I know I’m in an Indian hospital, not knowing what was going on and expecting the worst.

The nurse came every half hour to pump me full of antibiotics and saline.

Paul made the announcement after being blown away by the kindness of his carers.


He revealed:

When I was in hospital I couldn’t face breakfast. The thought was making me feel so sick and a lovely guy said, ‘hang on, I’ll get you some fresh coconut water’ and he presented me with half a coconut and a straw.

I was like, ‘hang on a minute this is a third world country – I didn’t get this in St Thomas’ in London.’ I couldn’t believe it.

Despite his latest health issues, Paul insists he isn’t afraid of dying, but afraid of the way he might die.


He continued:

It’s the way you die that worries me – that’s the fear.

I think I could lie there on my death bed and say, ‘well I’ve had a good time and filled a book. I’ve done everything I wanted to do.’

Paul’s health has been checked since being back at home and reportedly, his doctors are dumbfounded at the state of his blood pressure and overall health.

Paul has suffered three heart attacks previously to this incident and has admitted he’s more aware of mortality as a result.


He said:

I’ve lost lots of friends lately to cancer – and the AIDS years were like a clean sweep of all my mates.

You have to accept things and realise you haven’t got 50 years any more like you had as a teenager.

Paul’s been filming in India for his show, For The Love Of Dogs, but he wasn’t prepared for the horrible conditions the animals suffer in the nation.


He said his hands were ‘ripped to shreds’ when he went to see the puppies and said the dogs home he visited made Battersea ‘look like the Savoy’.

He wants viewers to feel uncomfortable when watching the new show, saying shooting it had that effect on him.