Paul Rudd And James Corden Become Best Mates During Endless P*ss

The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube

James Corden is making an army of celebrity friends in America, and the latest to join the ranks is Paul Rudd.

Appearing on The Late Late Show, Rudd and Corden opened with a hilarious, and lengthy, visit to the bathroom.

And they left no awkward urinal conversation stone unturned as they became the best of friends.

Corden started out by discovering what Rudd is packing…

The pair then moved onto the importance of voting.

And after some grooming and a crossword they cemented their friendship by properly introducing themselves…

Having finally made it out of the bathroom, Rudd actually made it to the set to discuss some of his latest work.

And it’s no wonder Rudd is a fan of visiting the loo – it allowed him to get his hands on Captain America’s shield.

The ageless Paul Rudd is just so damn likeable!