PC Version Of The Division Will Include Awesome Eye-Tracking Functionality


Ubisoft have teamed up with tech company Tobii to make the PC version of The Division compatible with fancy eye-tracking technology. PC players will be able to use their eyes to play (which, to be fair, we’ll all technically be doing, but PC gamers get to do it in a cooler way). 

The announcement comes in a new video, which invites you to “Play The Division With Your Eyes” which sounds very much like Ubisoft coming on to us, to be honest.

Any PC gamers who own compatible sensors like Tobii’s own EyeX, or the SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker will be able to enjoy a bunch of cool gameplay features specifically designed to make the most of the eye-tracking technology.

The video below explains how the tech works. Essentially the sensor keeps track of subtle eye movements, which can translate to loads of different results in-game.

For example, the video highlights movement from cover-to-cover: The player just points their eyes at where they want to go, causing the on-screen character to move just so. Has science gone too far? No. No it has not.

The sensor can also be used to aim, tag enemies, and expand your field of vision. It’s all very impressive, and for now it’s a PC exclusive feature, available at launch (although Ubisoft haven’t ruled out the possibility of eye tracking for PS4 and Xbox One).

The Division launches March 8, and an open beta begins February 18 for Xbox One owners, and February 19 for PC and PS4.