Peep Show: Here’s What Instagram Has Revealed About The Final Series


The ninth and final series of Peep Show has wrapped filming and we’ll get to see the last adventures of Mark and Jeremy on our TV screens this winter.

It’s been three years since we last saw the not-so-dynamic duo so it’s not a surprise that any images from the set revealed by writer Sam Bain and the stars of the show have been greeted with delight, as fans everywhere try and figure out what they might mean we’ll be seeing later this year.

The posts have given a good glimpse of what we can expect from series nine of the classic British sitcom, and it looks like this is going to be a real final victory lap for the show, with a number of our favourite characters from over the years returning for one last bow.

Here’s some of the intriguing titbits the Peep Show crew have shared on social media:

Mark and Jez won’t be estranged forever…

At the end of the last series, Mark and Jeremy fell out on the Quantock Hills over Dobby. However, the fact that there are multiple photos of David Mitchell and Robert Webb shooting scenes together means we won’t have to go a whole series without the two misfits hanging out (which would have been pretty rubbish, all things considered!).

Although it probably won’t be smooth sailing for them trying to reunite. We’re expecting their apparent peacemaking summit on the tennis court to be filled with plenty of anger as they attack each other with tennis balls.

Dobby might be back…

Fake Cheese #peepshow9

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Speaking of Dobby, she ran off after Mark described Jeremy as “80 per cent gay” in the series eight finale, resulting in Jez smashing up a meat pie. Many people will be hoping that writer Sam Bain sharing a photo of fake cheeses from the set means that Isy Suttie will be back to reprise her role as the quirky love interest.

We know Dobby loves her personal cheeses so perhaps he’s planning on winning her back through unconventional brie-based means? Just so long as she doesn’t gnaw on it…

Super Hans, Sophie and Johnson are all back!

Sunset shoot #peepshow9

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JOHNSON #peepshow9

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Probably the best news from the Twitter and Instagram posts is the confirmation that some of the show’s most beloved characters will be back for the final series. Matt King (Super Hans), Olivia Colman (Sophie) and Paterson Joseph (Johnson) have all popped up in photos from filming.

While the return of Super Hans isn’t a big surprise (although he appears closer to Mark in the photos than we’re used to), we only saw Johnson briefly in series eight and Sophie was completely absent. We hope this means Mark and Johnson are going into business together at Argos and, could it be, that Mark and Sophie will end up together after all?

We can’t wait until November to find out!