Pennsylvania Man Brings Dead Girlfriend’s Body To Hospital In Uber After ‘Killing Her Over Ex Text’

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Pennsylvania Man Brings Dead Girlfriend's Body To Hospital In Uber After Killing Her Over Ex TextSabrina Harooni/Facebook/NBC

A Pennsylvania man took his dead girlfriend’s body to hospital in an Uber after beating her so badly her pupils had ‘blown out’ over a text from an ex-boyfriend. 

‘This is what a cheating liar gets. You hear me? Cheating f*cking liar,’ Nicholas Forman, 23, allegedly said while filming Sabrina Harooni’s bloody, motionless body.


Forman was arrested on Thursday, February 6, and charged with the first- and third-degree murder of the 23-year-old woman.

You can watch a local news report regarding the horrific ordeal below: 


Court documents, as per NBC Philadelphia, allege that an unnamed Uber driver told investigators he had driven both the suspect and the victim to Forman’s home the previous Sunday night.


The driver explained that during the journey, Forman became angry with Harooni after she joked about receiving a text from her ex-boyfriend. The suspect became so aggressive that Harooni said he was scaring her – when they arrived, Forman threatened to leave her outside, saying: ‘Give me the f*cking phone.’

After they eventually went inside, the driver stuck around for around five or 10 minutes until he couldn’t hear anymore yelling between the pair.

Nicholas Forman Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.

The next day, Forman ordered an Uber to take Harooni’s lifeless body to Pottstown Memorial Hospital, dressed in only sweatpants and a puffer jacket. When she arrived, the body was ‘ice cold’ according to nurses, with bruising around her neck, dried blood in her nose and dried vomit on her mouth. Her pupils were also ‘blown out’ – indicative of head trauma or lack of oxygen.


Forman reportedly told police they had been out the night prior to watch the Super Bowl, where Harooni got into a fight with three other women. He said she was still alive when they arrived at hospital, differing from doctors’ and nurses’ reports.

However, sinister discoveries soon followed. Later, police searched Forman’s home, where they found a clump of hair similar to Harooni’s on the street in front of the driveway, along with a bit of carpet, a pillowcase and a fitted sheet with blood on them.

Officers also secured warrants to search two phones taken from Forman at the hospital, in which they found a disturbing video of Harooni, seemingly unconscious, on the grass. ‘This is what a cheating liar gets. You hear me? Cheating f*cking liar,’ the person behind the camera, suspected to be Forman, says.


A further video, taken shortly before 2.30am, also shows Harooni face down, this time inside a home.

After being arrested, an NBC video shows Forman being led from his home to a police car in handcuffs, professing his innocence, saying, ‘I didn’t do it. Three girls [did]. Not Me. This is crazy,’ before swearing at the reporter. He’s yet to be arraigned.

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