Pensioner Dies After Allegedly Being ‘Bitten 50 Times By Rat’

by : Tom Percival on : 15 Dec 2015 11:26

A helpless grandmother has died after she was bitten by a rat 50 times while she lay in her bed at a council care home.


Pamela Hudson, 75, had to be rushed to hospital after care staff found her covered in blood from wound on her face and arms. In an interview with The Sun her daughter Jan Derry said: “You could see she had been gnawed.” and her family believe it was a rat that attacked her.

Pamela unfortunately died weeks after the attack at her care home, Glen Lodge in York although the exact cause of death is unknown.

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Ms Derry has claimed that the disabled pensioner, who was bedridden and only had the use of one arm, was unable to get away as the rat bit her arms, shoulders, chest and nose.


She added said: “Her left elbow was ripped open by the rat’s teeth and there were dozens of teeth marks along her arm… She had bites all over both her hands, a couple on her chest and even on her nose.” Mrs Derry says the majority of the bites were on her arms and claims there were ‘probably more than 50 bites.’

Pamela died three months later after being transferred to a different nursing home. It is unknown whether her death was related to the attack at the care home and no inquest is planned.

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Her daughter has criticised the council saying: “Obviously we are still very distressed about it. There was nothing the council could do to rectify it but we have had no apology. That was the only thing they could do.”

There had been a panic alarm on a table by Ms Hudson’s bed but she had not used it.

The council have held an inquiry into the Glen Lodge incident. They also sent pest-control experts in to clear the home of any vermin, but do not accept responsibility.

Martin Farran, director of adult social care at City of York Council, said:

It is with regret that, despite extensive efforts by professional experts, environmental health and independent inspectors, we have been unable to determine the exact circumstances of how Mrs Hudson’s injuries occurred… Our thoughts are with Mrs Hudson’s family, who are understandably distressed by what has happened.

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