Pentagon Experimenting With AI To ‘Predict The Future’

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Pentagon Experimenting With AI To 'Predict The Future' PA/Pixabay

The Pentagon is reportedly experimenting with AI and other cutting edge technology in the hope of being able to ‘predict the future’. 

Turns out you don’t need a Tardis anymore to see into the future, as the US has come up with the possible technological solution to actually be able to ‘see days in advance’, reports suggest.


The Pentagon, headquarter building of the United States Department of Defence, is said to have conducted a series of tests in an attempt to ‘achieve information dominance’ and ‘decision-making superiority’.

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In the tests, the U.S. Northern Command, (USNORTHCOMM) used artificial intelligence, global sensor networks and cloud computing resources with the aim of one day being able to ‘predict the future’.

The tests are known as Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE) and according to USNORTHCOM, the AI and other technology used in the experiments could offer the Pentagon a strong ‘ability to see days in advance’.


This means the Pentagon could be able to actually predict the future with some reliability, through the evaluation of patterns and irregularities in large data sets.

Last week, the experiment was in its third test of the GIDE. Commander of USNORTHCOM and the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) General Glen VanHerck told reporters the third test took place in collaboration with all 11 unified combatant commands, ‘collaborating in the same information space using the same exact capabilities’.

VanHerck acknowledged an era of ‘new and renewed strategic competition’ and how the US is now facing ‘two peer competitors, both nuclear-armed, that are competing against us on a daily basis.’


 He continued the briefing by saying:

The machine learning and the artificial intelligence can detect changes [and] we can set parameters where it will trip an alert to give you the awareness to go take another sensor such as GEOINT on-satellite capability to take a closer look at what might be ongoing in a specific location.

[W]hat we’ve seen is the ability to get way further what I call left, left of being reactive to actually being proactive. And I’m talking not minutes and hours, I’m talking days.

The ability to see days in advance creates decision space. Decision space for me as an operational commander to potentially posture forces to create deterrence options to provide that to the secretary or even the president.

GIDE 3 was conducted to test a significant change in how the US use information and data ‘to increase decision space for leaders from the tactical level to the strategic level – not only military leaders, but also […] civilian leaders.’


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It’s hoped the experiment will not only allow for a more proactive and quicker decision making when it comes to conflict but also make such new technologies more accessible and effective.

The AI tools in the experiment would be used to gather real-time analysis of data from sensors across the globe. Information would also be collected from ‘commercially available information’, sourced from unnamed partners. VanHerck went on to say how allies and other partners could also have access to the information in real-time as it’s possible to share it via cloud-based systems.

VanHerck added that the GIDE events take existing rather than new information which will be processed faster by machines and technology such as AI and so subsequently give a greater foresight and a quicker ability to react.


Indeed, due to technological advancements such as the GIDE, any future conflicts could end up being won on the basis of AI systems and a cyber-race for information which can ‘predict the future’. Battlefields could even end up being won by technological devices rather than people, as artificial intelligence systems can make decisions far faster than any human can.

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