Pentagon Officially Releases Three UFO Videos Uncovered By Blink-182 Star

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The Pentagon has officially released three declassified videos, which show US Navy pilots interacting with ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’, otherwise known as UFOs.

On Monday, April 27, the Department of Defense decided to release the videos after a ‘thorough review’ found that they ‘do not impinge on any subsequent investigations of [these types of] military air space incursions’.


The clips had previously been leaked into the public domain from estranged Blink 182 vocalist Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy research group.

Pentagon Officially Releases Three UFO Videos Uncovered By Blink-182 StarUS Department of Defense

One of the clips was taken from November 2004 and has no audio, while the other two occurred in January 2015 and come with full audio from the pilots.

A spokesperson from the Department of Defense said in a statement they had ultimately made the decision to release the videos ‘in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real, or whether or not there is more to the videos’.


The Pentagon was forced to acknowledge the existence of its Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which ran from 2007 to 2012 following the release of the article. They admitted the programme had been given $22 million in funding to study reports of UFOs.

In May last year, another story was published by the New York Times, detailing the two videos from 2015, in which Navy pilots come across similar objects.

Pentagon Officially Releases Three UFO Videos Uncovered By Blink-182 StarEmma Rosemurgey

The pilots’ confusion can be audibly heard in the first two clips, with one heard saying, ‘wow, what is that, man? Look at it fly!’


The third clip in the montage, dating from 2004, was first brought to the public’s attention in a New York Times article published on December 16, 2017. The article also included interviews with the two pilots who witnessed the encounter firsthand.

They recalled the unidentified flying object, which they described as an approximately 40-foot long oblong shape, floating around 50 feet above the water, before rapidly accelerating into the air and away from their view, ‘like nothing I’ve ever seen’.

Although it’s acknowledged that the videos were already essentially in the public domain, this is the first time the clips have been officially released.

Pentagon Officially Releases Three UFO Videos Uncovered By Blink-182 StarEmma Rosemurgey

Blink-182 Star Tom DeLonge Says UFOs Will ‘Change The World As We Know It’

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However, the statement says the identity of the UFOs are still unknown:

The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterised as ‘unidentified’.

DeLonge celebrated the release of the videos by posting on Instagram, ‘The Pentagon just officially released my videos… just saying.’


Meanwhile former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tweeted ‘it only scratches the surface of research and materials available’:

The truth is out there.

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