People Are Amazed And Horrified Over Video Of Chicken Growing In An Open Egg

by : Cameron Frew on : 07 Sep 2021 09:29
People Are Amazed And Horrified Over Video Of Chicken Growing In An Open Egg@best.internet/TikTok

Viewers have been left stunned and unnerved by a video of a chicken being hatched in an open egg.

The hatching process generally takes around three days, transforming from a fertilised egg like those people eat every day to a live chick. It’s a process many of us will take for granted or simply take little interest in, but a video has illustrated the full process in icky, incredible detail.


Shared on TikTok by Daniel Internet (@best.internet), the clip shows someone conducting a strange experiment: shepherding a chick through the hatching process in an open egg.

They begin by carefully opening the egg shell, so to not damage the inside, before covering it with cling film. Throughout the video, the person can be seen making a series of injections into the egg, which appears to help it begin its life, with the egg soon sprouting blood vessels and an embryo taking shape.


Soon, the chick hatches from the egg with person’s help, before growing its own feathers and appearing healthy.

In another similar video, one user suggested the injections were a combination of ‘nutritional and anti-infection medicines’ given the chick wasn’t going through the natural hatching process.

Someone managed to hatch a chicken in an open shell. (@best.internet/TikTok)@best.internet/TikTok

One Redditor summed it up pretty well in the top comment, ‘That is both amazing and absolutely disgusting.’


Of course, some people don’t think it’s off-putting at all. ‘It’s the beauty of life in action,’ one user wrote, while another commented, ‘What’s so disgusting about it? Just an egg, and then a chicken. You know what’s really disgusting? Poop.’

‘Jesus almighty, I am equally repulsed and accuse you of some action there’s probably a hashtag for, and amazed and curious with how it all ends, like a car crash,’ another wrote.

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