People Are Angry At The Daily Mail For This Front Page


Today, the world bid a fond farewell to the great comedic actor of Fawlty Towers fame, Andrew Sachs.

After it was announced on Thursday that the Berlin-born actor had passed away the previous week, the Daily Mail ran a front page tribute to 86-year-old Sachs alongside the image of his best known character; Manuel, an immigrant hotel worker.

However, true to form, the paper ran the headline, ‘Migrant numbers hit new records’. With the Daily Mail often berated for its fear-mongering headlines about migration, commentators have not failed to point out the hypocrisy here.

One user pointed out the Daily Mail’s longstanding maltreatment of migrants in their headlines.

Andrew Sachs was the son of a Jewish insurance banker, Hans Emil Sachs and his Catholic wife, Katharina Sachs (née Schrott-Fiecht).

Sachs’ father moved the entire family to England from their home in Berlin, fleeing the Nazi regime after he was arrested in 1938 in a restaurant.

In an interview with the Independent, the beloved actor recalled:

We moved to the centre of Berlin and at my second school, coming home one day, I saw the windows of Jewish establishments bashed in after Kristallnacht.

Sachs was eight at the time. He went onto become a television icon, and his colleagues – including Monty Python‘s John Cleese – have been sharing tributes.

Although the rag does acknowledge Sachs’ family history in an obituary to the actor on page ten, the front page goes a long way to illustrate the problem with the paper’s insistence on dehumanising immigrants.

Way to be a raving hypocrite, Daily Mail – or as Cleese eloquently put it: The Daily Wail.